How to look for hotels in Japan

How to find Japanese hotels. how to
book hotels in Japan.A method to reserve the hotels in Japan.
The Japanese is very poor at speaking English. There are a lot of staff who can't speak English in small hotels.
When trying even if you made a reservation at a hotel by telephone, it takes time long. And a hotel can't understand your reservation correctly.
By such reason, I recommend that you use a reservation site.

"Rakuten Travel" is a Japanese famous reservation site. The number of registration in hotels is very large.
I think it would be your help, When you're hurrying reservation in particular.
After login, You can choose several kinds of language at the upper right of a screen. English, French, Chinese and Korean, etc..

I'm Japanese. This website is written in Japanese for Japanese.
I was working at a hotel. This website is written about "talk of a secret" and "guest's question" in a Japanese hotel.
I translated only the title this time.
If you had an interest in this, translate by yourself, and please read.

Japanese hotel register
Registration card, Reception card. A Japanese hotel asks foreigner's guest for presentation of the passport. This is a Japanese law.

Bed bug
Damage is also increasing in Japan.

Influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Ryokan destroyed by tank
The Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake. I was working at the hotel in Tokyo on the day. Tokyo is away from the center of the earthquake a lot.

Ghost hotel and Late night lift
There is a custom that "paper of the spell" “an amulet”is stuck in a Japanese hotels. There is a lot of back of the frame of the painting in its location.

(written on 26th Sep. 2017.)
The service a Japanese freeway takes it very inexpensively, and which becomes extraordinary.
"Japan Expressway Pass"
It's begun from 13th Oct. 2017. This is service only of a visit to Japan foreigner.
An application is needed at a store in a rental car company.
The license which can drive a car in Japan is needed.

detailed explanation
E-NEXCO Dorive Plaza


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