How to look for hotels in Japan

How to find Japanese hotels. A method to reserve the hotels in Japan.
The Japanese is very poor at speaking English. There are a lot of staff who can't speak English in small hotels.
When trying even if you made a reservation at a hotel by telephone, it takes time long. And a hotel can't understand your reservation correctly.
By such reason, I recommend that you use a reservation site.

"Rakuten Travel" is a Japanese famous reservation site. The number of registration in hotels is very large.
I think it would be your help, When you're hurrying reservation in particular.
After login, You can choose several kinds of language at the upper right of a screen. English, French, Chinese and Korean, etc..

I'm Japanese. This website is written in Japanese for Japanese.
I was working at a hotel. This website is written about "talk of a secret" and "guest's question" in a Japanese hotel.
I translated only the title this time.
If you had an interest in this, translate by yourself, and please read.

Japanese hotel register
Registration card, Reception card. A Japanese hotel asks foreigner's guest for presentation of the passport. This is a Japanese law.

Bed bug
Damage is also increasing in Japan.

Influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake
The Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake. I was working at the hotel in Tokyo on the day. Tokyo is away from the center of the earthquake a lot.

Ghost hotel
There is a custom that "paper of the spell" “an amulet”is stuck in a Japanese hotels. There is a lot of back of the frame of the painting in its location.

(written on 26th Sep. 2017.)
The service a Japanese freeway takes it very inexpensively, and which becomes extraordinary.
"Japan Expressway Pass"
It's begun from 13th Oct. 2017. This is service only of a visit to Japan foreigner.
An application is needed at a store in a rental car company.
The license which can drive a car in Japan is needed.

detailed explanation
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